Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just a Thursday

Just a few photos because it's Thursday.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Addie's crawling! She still gets across the room like a little soldier Army crawling but she's also getting around the typical way on all fours. Her new favorite adventure sport is trying to pull herself up on her excersaucer which not only rocks back and forth but turns in circles. Not too safe but she adores standing and holding on.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

toy box obsession

The toy box is Addie's newest obsession. She stands over it holding on to the edge or balances her belly on the side while she sifts through all the toys. She doesn't quite understand how to go from standing to sitting. This morning she found the toy she was reaching for in the toy box. Once she had a hold of it she no longer had a grip on the side of the box. She quickly plopped down on her rear and gave out a little squeal of shock and pain. That diapered rump will feel plenty of falls in a lifetime. Here Addie is playing inside the toy box (totally blew her mind to be inside!) and also standing outside with her handbag. She's shopping!

On another note; project Sleep Through the Night has commenced. Addie only woke twice last night and didn't drink a whole bottle the entire night. We let her cry when she woke and a few times she put herself back to sleep. Night one was a good start.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

new old cool

I'm a sucker for products that are marketed as being old fashioned. It's in my blood, I was born with the antique love in my genes. While at Target on Monday I admired a new line of environmentally concious products by JR Watkins. The natural plant-based home care products are all packaged in adorable old apothecary style bottles with cool old labels. I had absolutely no need to bring any of it home but how could I not? I NEEDED the hand soap. The scent is pleasant and it's all natural so really I'm saving the environment. Anyway, I'm a marketing team's dream come true because JR Watkins reminds me so much of my favorite skin care line C.O. Bigelow whome I originally brought home for the same reason I have new hand soap in the kitchen. Now I can't live without the No. 1055 Extra-light face lotion with chamomile and parsley extract. I guess I see that old fashioned courier font and the word "apothecary" and get all stupid. Shopping for your goodies at the chemist or apothecary is so romantic with all the brown glass bottles and herbal remedies. Then I think about all the creepy medical stuff that went on in the mid 1800's and I am glad that I get to enjoy the cuteness of that medical era in the packaging of household and personal care products marketed to yuppies like me!

Monday, February 18, 2008

barking like a seal

Well, we can add croup to the list of illnesses Addie has experienced. Her cold turned into a nasty barking cough this afternoon. She cries everytime she coughs because it's such a deep horrible bark. We've cranked her humidifier up but we are expecting to be up double-time with her tonight. Although it was a three day weekend we aren't more rested because of it. The last few nights have been tough. Justin and I try to take turns soothing her when she wakes but whenever Justin picks her up she immediately cranes her neck towards the door and cries for her Mama. In the end I'm up most of the night with her. Tonight should be extra exhausting.

Besides croup, Addie has had a pretty exciting weekend. She's army crawling around the house. She makes a few steps forward on her hands and knees but her quickest mode of transportation is still army crawling. She's pulling herself up on the toy box and coffee table. She's making me a bit more nervous with all her bouncing and grabbing and pulling of everything that is in sight. She's also decided that strained food is for the birds, "give me the real stuff!". She tried cooked carrots, zucchini, apples, pasta, bread, scrambled egg yolk, and cheese this weekend. If she wasn't sick I think she would have devoured it all. That being said she still had fun playing with all the bits of food and eating some of it too. Avacado is still her favorite. Addie is now drinking water from a sippy cup. It took all of an afternoon for her to use the cup on her own. She's totally advanced...I'm sure of it. Watching her use the sippy cup, put food in her mouth with her hands, and stand at her toy box and reach for toys that catch her fancy all make me so proud. All of this while she was sick. Watch out for the weekend when she is feeling 100%. She's amazing.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Saturday was the first date Justin and I have been on alone since our anniversary last June. The last time we had approximately 2 hours to get sushi and rush home before our 4 week old newborn needed to eat again. Coincidentally we chose sushi for this date too. We dropped Addie off at Kiki and Po's house before we headed to downtown Annapolis, MD. The day was cold but sunny. The freedom of being without the responsibility of Addie made me giddy to eat, shop, and leisurely walk around like grown-ups. We held hands and ordered drinks with lunch (mine was tea but still). The sushi was delicious at Yin Yankee Cafe. We got a hot butterscotch butter brikle sundae then walked the shops so I could drool over the expensive boutique clothing. We finished up the date with a movie-in the theater-Juno. It was sweet and funny and full of pop lingo that made me feel a little bit old and very thankful I never got pregnant in high school. It was a perfect day.

Friday, February 15, 2008

this is for real

Our soon approaching move to Manila feels suddenly very "real" now that I have two sore arms and had to rip off three Band-aids from vaccinations I received today. Nothing like a little pain to make the enormity of moving overseas a reality. In all honesty, it's very exciting-and scary at the same time. I felt a bit more at ease after I grilled the nurse about Typhoid fever, Dengue fever, Malaria, Rabies, and a few other nasty diseases that we don't give a second thought to here in the States. In the Philippines these are very real worries and concerns. I have a long list of vaccinations yet to get before we leave and even a few that I will receive later in Manila. The real worry of mine is protecting my daughter who is too young still to receive the large array of immunizations that adults get. I hope family is ready to ship us bug spray and citronella candles.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

be mine

Valentines Day started in a very good way this morning. As I nuzzled Addie in my arms while she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, Justin presented me with three cards and a little red box. The cards were Valentines of course. One each from my husband, my daughter, and my dog. The box contained a gorgeous silver bracelet with pink hued gemstones. My husband has always had great taste in jewelry but this was beyond great. He really won points with this gift. When Justin got home he was greeted with a big Belgian ale and a Valentine. Dinner was delicious thanks to Whole Foods deli. The peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream was the best part. Addie tried watermelon tonight which proved a bit tough to mash with her gums. We discovered her top front right tooth has emerged! Justin and I had to wait until Addie went to bed to enjoy the candle lit dinner. I guess this is how married couples with kids celebrate Valentines Day. Not too shabby.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

all dressed up and nowhere to go

Auntie Brienne gave Addie a gorgeous little party dress that has been waiting patiently in her closet to have it's debut. Unfortunately there hasn't been a formal event that has required the adorable dress. I guess a little photo shoot at home before bed will do. Addie was in an especially sweet mood inspired by Munchie, her second favorite puppy. Check out this lovely baby model.

Monday, February 11, 2008

on milestones

We've taken a lot of pictures of Addie in the bath. She's always loved soaking in the tub. Thinking back at some of the older bath pictures makes me sad realizing how much she's grown. I guess I've been in a sappy mood lately. Every day she's further and further from the baby I gave birth to and closer and closer to a little girl. On one hand it's amazing watching the transformation but on the other hand heartbreaking knowing that my little warm chubby baby will never be that tiny little newborn again. Instead my daughter is freefalling forward in life. Every milestone she tumbles into. She's diving head first into crawling. It must feel like learning to use the cross bars as a child. I remember being so excited every day to try to learn to cross the bars on our swing set. Once I got it I couldn't stop. I barely wanted to do anything but play on the bars. At school I couldn't wait to try out my new learned technique. The excitement and concentration in my daughter's eyes while she is on her hands and knees trying to coordinate her arms and legs to propel herself forward is so inspiring. Learning to crawl is Addie's obsession right now, her cross bars, she wants to do little else. When she crawls for the first time I will be cheering the loudest as I will be at every milestone and accomplishment she achieves forever more. On days like these I just want to push pause on life and memorize who my daughter is at this moment, becaue I know that even in the very next moment she won't be the same as the last.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Aunt Megan was here!

Megan came to visit this weekend which was so much fun! I love having my sistger close enough to visit. Addie immediately recognized her Aunt Megan which was cute to see. The entire weekend Addie played with Megan and rolled around the floor. She's moving herself around the house easily now. She's not crawling but she's definitely moving. Her mode of transportation is creative and unique. It elicited laughs from all of us over the last three days. Megan and I had an opportunity today to get out alone. We got lunch and did some shopping in Old Town Alexandria. I admit I was looking forward to those few house for the entire week. It was a really wonderful weekend. Knowing that soon we won't get to have frequent visits from Addies Aunt Megan we savored every moment. We love you Megan! Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

baby at the museum

Megan and I introduced Addie to the Museum of Natural History which is my favorite Smithsonian Museum in DC. It just wouldn't have been right to move away without my daughter having her first picture with the dinosaurs. I'll admit she is a tad young to appreciate all the glory of the museum but it was still fun. In the Mammals of Africa exhibit we admired the lions and giraffs. Addie was more enamored with the other little kids and the TV screens in the floor than the animals.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

shoe love is back

I feel like apart of me was lost when my desire for shoe shopping dissipated after I got pregnant. All shopping for myself halted and was redirected to baby stuff. Now the fever is coming back. Shoe fever not baby fever. I stumbled across Piperlime a shoe shop by Gap Inc. I am drooling all over these, but if I come to my senses I will end up with these. Equally cute but for completely different purposes. Practicality sucks. I can't get over the lovely opened toe pump in "pink grape". My collar has a ring of drool just like Addie's.

tales from the twilight hours

Don't expect any pictures for this post; too tired and incoherent to snap photos between 11 PM and 6 AM. So the growth spurt saga continues. The formula on it's own elicited arched back screeching and tears from the munchkin last night. The larger Advent bottles did the same. This girl knows what she wants. It's safe to say she's set in her ways when it comes to her bottle. The formula hidden with mostly breast milk seemed to pass muster but just barely. The first try caused her to pause and screech and lick the inside of her mouth from the odd taste. A second later she started sucking down the bottle. She was probably too tired to protest. I have to admit I don't blame her for the disdain towards the formula. It smells downright filthy! Unnatural almost. Addie woke at 11 PM, 2 AM and then 5 AM. At 5 AM I had to offer her the straight formula which went over like a turd in a hot tub. The water I offered next fooled her for about 10 seconds. Realizing she wouldn't go back to sleep until her little tummy was full I lugged her downstairs and plopped her in her highchair. She sat with her finger in her mouth holding her lovey, half asleep. I quickly made some oatmeal with pears and when she saw the spoon she gave a grunt of approval. After scarfing the food she rested her head on my shoulder and proceeded to fall immediately back to sleep and stayed that way until I woke her up at 7:45 AM. Then you won't believe this...she ate a second breakfast before we were off to daycare. Oatmeal, apples, and prunes. She ate all of it. That little Hobbit! All I can imagine is that her little bones are stretching and her mind is expanding and those motor skills are honing. Nourishment is needed for such a precious growing little girl.

As for Mama, it's only Wednesday and I feel worn out. Good thing Justin's coming home and can act as the relief pitcher. Mad props go out to the single Mother's of the world!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

big baby appetite

Is this a beautiful little girl or what? Who could possibly disagree? Every day she discovers something new. It's like she's going through a mental growth spurt. She's also going through a physical growth spurt. This little cutie pie has been packing away some serious food the last few days. On top of that she is waking up all hours of the night hungry, protesting when she doesn't get a bottle immediately inserted into her little mouth. She is drinking every ounce of milk I'm producing right now and it's not enough for this Miss Piggy! That's 25 oz of milk plus three meals a day of cereal, fruit, veggies, and yogurt. It's quite amazing. Anyway, I bought our first canister of formula today (I had no idea there were so many choices!). Maybe adding some formula to her bottle will fill her up a bit more tonight. She quite easily could chug down 8 oz of breastmilk during a feeding and Mama is just not producing that anymore. This makes me even more bummed now. So I'll let you know how the formula goes.

Addie's meal times are getting more interesting. She tried cottage cheese, string cheese, and strained chicken. By far her new favorite food is avocado. She got terribly frustrated trying to pick up the small pieces of avocado on her tray but when I fed it to her from my fingers she gobbled up the entire slice.

Monday, February 4, 2008

We miss you!

Dear Justin/Daddy,

We are getting along just alright without you. We are managing playtime, mealtime, bathtime, and even bedtime just the two of us, but it's just not the same without you here. It's not the same without you here to make us laugh and smile. We miss your "I love you's" and your hugs and kisses. We miss how good you read stories to us and how you kiss us goodnight.
Come home, we miss you.
Love, Sara and Addie