Hi! Nice to meet you.  I'm the author of the blog but I'm also the chef, baker, photographer, party planner, designer, reviewer, shopper, traveler, thinker, complainer, and all around doer on this blog and ultimately in my home.

We've traveled some and we'll probably travel some more so if you are interested in how an every day person like me, can make a life for myself and my family while living all over the place; you might enjoy this blog.

If nothing else, there will always be cute photos of my children.

Thanks for stopping by.  Please leave me a comment if you enjoy the blog or just want to say hello.  

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Unknown said...

Sara hello,

it just happened month or so ago, that it became possible to come to Ethiopia
for a year or two with my partner in February 2015.

I'm an architect from Slovenia and I will be joining Institute of technology in Mekelle, that is
about 700 km to north from Addis Ababa.

I find your blog of course - very helpful - and inspirational!
I didn't quite catch for how long were you staying in Ethiopia.

You mentioned a lot things to bring along ... especially cosmetics and also other things.

So I wanted to ask you if in Adis Ababa is possible to buy,
- such as western cosmetics Biotherm creme for the face ... lip balm ...
or any western cosmetics ?

How did you bring all this stuff, what kind of baggage do you recommend?
Did you come by plane? How many suitcases did you have?

Do you have any friend from Adis Ababa which I can contact?

I look forward to hear from you

Dominika & Damjan

Tina said...


I am in currently in Addis Ababa and would love to visit Born Free. Did you need an appointment to visit or did you just show up?

Thank you!

Hina Bajwa said...

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