Monday, April 21, 2008


We've made it through our stay in the hotel. Our little suite at the Ritz became our home these past 10 days. On Monday we watched all our belongings packed and stuffed in crates for shipping. On Friday we said one last goodbye to our empty little home. Since then, we've eaten more than enough restaurant meals. We sold our car and shipped the Jeep overseas. Our bags are packed. The SUV Washington Flyer is due to arrive to carry us to the airport tomorrow morning. We have a staggering amount of luggage coming with us on the plane. Six suitcases, one dog crate, a stroller, car seat, mini cooler, and three carry-ons. I promise we left the kitchen sink at home...just barely.

We survived saying goodbye to all our friends and loved ones. We've cried too many tears while giving goodbye hugs. It's all been physically and emotionally draining and we are ready to get on the plane. Tomorrow at noon my dog, my baby, my husband, and I all begin the adventure of a lifetime. So, for now, we say farewell to everyone at home. You will be missed. Thank you to everyone who has sent us on our way with best wishes and good luck. We love you all.

Life at the Ritz

Just a few pictures of us at the hotel. We all got used to the daily maid service and the luxurious feather bed and pillows that felt like sleeping on fluffy clouds. Addie missed her bedroom and her crib but seemed ok with the new digs.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Last visit to WA (for awhile)

All the pictures are from March 31-April 7.


OK, I am seriously guilty for holding out for so long and I apologize to everyone. It's crunch time to get our household ready for packing and moving into the hotel this Saturday. I'm slightly panicked and experiencing stress induced sleeplessness that has me running through lists in my head all night. It's not fun. Right now I am focused on Tuesday, April 15th when I can sink into a hot bubble bath at the Ritz Carlton in our two bedroom suite! We will need the mini vacation after the past few weeks.

That being said, Addie and I had a fabulous week with my parents in Washington. I have some precious pictures to share so I will post a few for you to enjoy.

I promise there will be more when I'm not running around like a mad woman driving my husband crazy.