Friday, March 15, 2013

thirty four

My spectacular husband turns thirty four tomorrow and we are lucky enough to have his mother in town visiting on his birthday.  She's a crafty card maker and was tickled to get the task of cutting out my triangles for Justin's birthday bunting.  I'm slightly obsessed with hanging bunting on our mantel.  Can you tell?  He celebrates the day before St. Patrick's day every year so I couldn't help but showcase some green. 
I can't wait to celebrate with our family tomorrow.  Of all the cakes I make he's requested the same thing that he does every year.  Carrot cake!  I can't complain.  It's delicious.  

Thirty four is going to be a wonderful year for my love. I can just tell!  


Emily said...

Happy birthday! Carrot cake is an awesome choice. I have to admit the cream cheese frosting is my favorite.
I love that you use your fire place as part of all your celebrations.

The Gunning Family said...

Happy Birthday, Justin! I know you are all excited to have Kiki there with you all! Enjoy your time togehter.

Sara said...

Carrot cake is amazing isn't it. The cream cheese frosting does it for me too Emily!

Donna-thank you for your comments on this post and the last. I love hearing from you. I know you are celebrating your eldest daughter's birthday today! Enjoy. Birthdays are so much fun!