Saturday, March 30, 2013

play dates in Addis

There is a huge crew of amazing expat moms in Addis.  Tons of families with young children.  Maybe even more moms than in Manila, which is hard to believe because there was something about the water in Manila.  Everyone was pregnant or carrying around a newborn (including me).  Maybe because Addis is so much smaller it just feels like the place is teeming with expat kids and their Mamas!

Anyway, the moms here are super active and always have something planned for kids.  I received an email of a list of activities/play dates/outings scheduled for every day during Spring Break.  It was amazing and dizzying.  There isn't a whole lot for children to do in Addis, but I swear these moms who plan these things find every thing there is.

After a whirl wind of visits and bakery orders for me the last few weeks; the girls and I laid low this week We decorated for Easter and hosted our own play date with close friends we needed to catch up with.  In a lot of ways Addie, Bella and Ashlynn have a life long play date all day every day in our house so I very rarely feel the need to take them other places to play.  They play wonderfully together.

Friday, I decided to take the girls to the planned play date because it was just too cool of an activity to pass up.  The entire morning was scheduled for a traditional Ethiopian meal (all homemade by all the ladies' personal cooks) and a troupe of teen Ethiopian dancers were coming to dance with the kids.

True to third world form, the music was way too loud so most of the kids, including Arabella, ran for the other side of the compound every time the dancers came out to perform.  But I loved it!  The kids were so dynamic and wore the brightest colors!  Seriously cool play date.  Another reason to love Ethiopia!


Nadia said...

What fantastic colors. We've recently arrived in India, and I'm always delighted by the unexpected colors. They make the small things beautiful. Your blog is an inspiration. Perhaps, someday soon, I'll be able to create a little something beautiful here, like you have in Ethiopia.

Sara said...

What a generous comment, the color does save me! That and the sunshine without these things, Ethiopia would be tough. Good luck settling in India!