Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gonder with family: the Kiki series

Justin's mother is the very first of our parents and the only grandparent to visit us overseas.  It was her first trip out of the United States and Ethiopia isn't exactly a desired destination, so her efforts to see us meant a great deal to us.  Addis is a sprawling, filthy, hard mess of a city and it's tough to find anything redeemable on first glance; so we took  Kiki to Gonder for the weekend.  She loved it and we were thrilled to show her some of Ethiopia we have come to love.
breakfast at Loge du Chateu is a highlight

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Greenery is all around

Kiki found the coffee a bit strong for the afternoon so she indulged in spiced tea

Ash and Kiki bonding, Bella growling

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