Tuesday, March 26, 2013

the famous Debre Brihan: the Kiki series

The ceiling of Debre brihan.  The angels seem to be making eye contact with you no matter where you stand.
There are a gazillion famous churches in Ethiopia.  This one happens to be my favorite.  We visited again while we were in Gonder.

some of the amazing painted cloth that has been sealed to the walls.  

All originals preserved
canes that fit in one's underarm to assist in standing during the entire mass.
Addie inside the church, posing of course
no shoes allowed.  Men and women enter the church through separate doors
Italian men tourists waiting to enter the church.  The well preserved entrance to the church grounds in view
Justin's Virginia Tech hat at Debre Brihan, I guess not the wildest place this hat has been!


Nomads By Nature said...

I can see why it is a favorite - so amazing. Ethiopia is so very high up on my list of places to go, bid on, because of your blog posts!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos as per usual Sara! I love all of those paintings and the canes to help hold people up during mass, how interesting!