Tuesday, November 27, 2012

the beach at Diani

Justin and I are beach people.  We will forever prefer to vacation with an ocean out our front door.  When it was just the two of us we would lay on the sand and read until we got too crispy and they jumped in the cool ocean.  Our beach vacations are not nearly as lazy now.  Mostly, we are building sand castles or digging with plastic shovels, picking up seashells, holding tiny hands as our girls learn how to jump in the waves and holding them in the water; calming their fears of jellyfish (as we calmly move away from the stinging jellies-pretending nothing is wrong).
Diani beach has gorgeous powdery sand.  It's not quite as white as the sand in Boracay, Philippines but the Indian Ocean was a tad warmer than the Pacific.  The seashells were plentiful and perfect for our towering sand castles.


Emily said...

Ben and I are the same way. The beach is the best kind of vacation. Now that we have kids, it is even better. No pressure for behaving during tours, no need to entertain during long rides in between locations. Just ocean, beach and a good shovel.

meredith said...

Will you let me know the brand of sun hat? Need to get new ones for the girls!

Heather P. said...

Loved your vacation posts ans sun bathed girls! The beach is gorgeous. Glad you had a nice vacation for Thanksgiving. I am sorry about your camera, but excited about what u get next!