Friday, November 2, 2012

gory cupcakes

In honor of Halloween this week I made Gory Cupcakes for Ladytroupe Sweets Market Day.  They look like a disgusting stab wound oozing bloody flesh.  But I promise they taste delicious.  It's a moist almond flavored butter cake with vanilla bean butter cream frosting and a homemade strawberry sauce.  The "glass" is shards of hard candy.    When I initially looked at my perfectly frosted and sauced cakes I knew that they looked too pretty. I imagine that stab wounds are pretty messy so I drizzled extra blood (sauce) on the edges so it would drip a bit making them look more horrific.
I really loved people's reactions to these cupcakes at Market Day today.  Some people got the gory part right away.  Other's I had to explain a bit, but once they got the Halloween joke, they were thrilled.  I answered lots of questions about the candy glass.
 I had so much fun making these.  Don't you think they are disgusting and gorgeous all at the same time?


Anonymous said...

These are wayyy too cool!! (And do I sense a bit of a sugar work streak coming on? I hope so!) How is baking for work versus baking for home? Is it something you think you could do long term or do you think it'd be easy to burn out at some point?

Sara said...

That's a really good question. Right now I'm baking what I want when I want so it's not too much different backing for work than baking at home. I think if I was more limited it might get a bit monotonous. So far, I am still able to be creative. I really would love to do this long term but I think I need to drive the creative process!

Daniela Swider said...

These are awesome and you are really creative! I hope you are able to do this long-term and enjoy it all the way. I missed Halloween with my family in India this year but I am getting home next week and am hoping to make some dirt and worm cupcakes (with healthy gummy worms I found in the US) for my daughter's birthday, which is coming up.

Emily said...

Those are fabulous! They look equally gory and delicious! They also look like a lot of work! They are perfect for Halloween!

Sara said...

Thanks Ladies, they weren't too much work. I always do my baking in stages so the sauce on Tuesday, glass was Wednesday, the cupcakes on Thursday and the frosting on Friday. Breaking it all up makes it doable!

I love the dirt with worms. I really want to do that for the girls next year because it will blow their minds!