Tuesday, November 27, 2012

swimming at Diani

The villa had a wonderful private pool for us to enjoy. The kids were in heaven!  I cringed a little every time the girls chose swimming in the pool over swimming in the ocean, when given the choice.  The Indian Ocean was extremely warm with very small waves.  Perfect for swimming, but kids love pools don't they?  We tried to split the time evenly but Addie would choose the pool over the ocean every time.  I'm certain it's because she started swimming on her own while we were there and she wanted to practice her new skill.  Bella wore arm floats and Justin or I help Ashlynn. She also sat in a floating inner-tube that she liked a lot.  I almost wish the pool was refrigerated though because in the Mombasa heat the pool was just too warm.  My camera died a few days into the trip so I didn't get any photos of Addie swimming or jumping without her arm floats. The last few days on our time at Diania Bella chose swimming in the ocean with her Daddy, "sliding on the waves" as she called it.  We won our middle daughter over to the ways of the open ocean.


Emily said...

I love when we stay somewhere that has both the beach and a pool- it is great with the kids.
Oh, and we love the Indian Ocean as well. We are just on the other side of it!

Anonymous said...

I love especially the pictures of Ashlynn getting thrown in the air in the pool! I have to admit though, all I keep thinking as I look through these photos is your poor, poor camera! Can't wait until you get your new one!