Sunday, November 11, 2012

Marine Ball 2012

Happy 237th Birthday to the United States Marine Corps.  We celebrated our Marines here in Addis Ababa on Saturday night at the Sheraton.  Everyone turned out in their finery, carrying spectacular party moods with them.  It's always fun to get everyone together outside of work for a great party.

It was truly a great party. Everyone danced and Justin rocked the mic once again with his rendition of Ice Ice Baby.  You know it's a good time when my husband busts out Vanilla Ice.  The funniest part is that I was on the receiving end of lots of compliments about his performance but also lots of questions about his alcohol consumption prior to our arrival at the bar (as if he might have started drinking that afternoon to get up the courage enough to rap in front of the entire crowd).  I had to explain that my husband doesn't need any alcohol to grab the microphone.  He's just THAT happy ALL THE TIME!  He's the best date a girl could ask for.

I wore the first gown I had made in the Philippines.  This dress was originally a maternity gown when I was pregnant with Arabella.  I had it altered so I could wear it again...and again to this year's ball.  I love wearing this yellow gown because I'm usually the only one in this daring color.  My Mother picked up this great vintage gold art deco piece years ago for me.  I dug it out and it paired really well with the neckline of my gown.  The great thing about my vintage jewelry collection (all from my mom) is that it sits undisturbed for months and even years and then a certain dress for a certain event comes up and there is always a piece of jewelry hidden away that is perfect for the ensemble.  My Mom is the best.
 Formal balls are so much fun!  It's like prom but a million times better because everyone is grown up and no one cares what they look like out on the dance floor.  Being 32 and bouncing to "Jump Around" made me laugh so hard.  It had to be my favorite moment of the entire night; watching all our friends and fellow expats jumping, with arms in the air, practically cracking the dance floor; all of us dancing to a song that we first heard in middle school.  Being an adult is so much fun!


Anonymous said...

You guys look beautiful!! We haven't been to a marine corps ball since our first but we might have to change htat next year after looking at everyone's photos!

Emily said...

I love the picture of you dancing! What a fun night!

You look spectacular, I love the yellow dress!

Heather P. said...

What a fun night. You look beautiful and your hubby rocks...literally!

Sara said...

Thanks all! It was such a blast. Honestly, I need a very mild excuse to get all dressed up and dance with my husband. I love that while we are overseas we can experience the fun of the Marine Balls every year!

Natasha said...

Omg I love it! Great action shots of the dancing. Our Marine Ball here in San Salvador was lots of fun as well. It was a lot livelier than I expected -- I wasn't sure if it would be somewhat stodgy/formal as a "work event." Far from it! Looks like Addis is the same. Love your dress -- the color looks great on you.

Daniela Swider said...

Looks like a blast and you look fab in your dress! We missed the Marine Ball this year but we are going next year!