Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mama photographed

I, along with Moms everywhere, read The Mom Stays in the Picture, an article by Alliston Tate published in the Huffington Post this week.  It's a lovely article about a Mother who decides that she needs her children to have a record of her in photographs.  It's a wonderfully honest look at the strains of motherhood and how it can take a toll on the image of a Mom in her own eyes.  So much so, that she avoids being photographed.  The kids are the cute ones right!? Haven't we all said that as we slip out of the photo and let the cameras click away at our beloved children looking adorable as always.  Mama's are the ones to take the photos of the kids.  Not often are Moms in the photo too.

I can relate with the author on many levels.  Those postpartum month are tough.  I don't have a ton of photos of myself with the children during that stage because I was ashamed of the extra weight I was carrying.  But now I'll never get that time back with the girls so any photos I have of us together is precious.  I wish I would have suffered through a few more photos with my chubby face just so the kids could see their Mom during the baby phase.
I don't want to look back after my children are grown and wish we had more photos together.  It's true that photos are just snapshots of a moment in time.  But I'll take a snapshot of myself with them while they are little, over just the memory.  Memories can fade over time and I want my girls to see me as I am right now.  In all my imperfect just-woke-up-and-still-lounging-in-my-PJs glory.  I'm a real woman.  I'm their mother.  Most days I need a facial and a Pilates instructor.  At this moment my girls love me as I am.  I want to remember this and I want them to remember it too.  This time, Mama stays in the photograph!


Emily said...

What a great post!
I remember my mom not being in a lot of our pictures growing up, and when I was old enough to realize, it made me sad. She was always complaining about how she looked. Then years later, she said she wished she would have been in more pictures, as she didn't look as bad as she felt. It was then that I decided to try to be in pictures, even if I don't look the way I want to. Even though it is something I am still working on, I really want my kids to know me and remember me.

Oh, and you are beautiful no matter what!

Sara said...

It's so true. I have a hard time finding pictures of my sisters and I with our Mom when we were young and I know it's because my Mom just didn't like to be photographed much. Or at least that's what I guess. It makes me sad too because My Mom did everything for us and yet I can't recall what she looked like back then on any given day.

Natasha said...

This is so sweet! Your girls will be so glad you did this.

Danielle said...

Beautiful!! What a wonderful idea and I love how happy you all look in the frame together! You've inspired me!

Mommy said...

Aww I love it! I actually would love to be in more pix but it hardly occurs to my husband to take pix and so by default I end up taking them and am never in them. But I have hope that will change as he is at a military school right now where he has to use a DSLR and seems very interested in photography now. Hope to see you around in more pix going forward!

Heather P. said...

Great post, and thanks for sharing the article! You are a beautiful and great mama, and I know your family will cherish the photos with their mama as they get older.