Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Ashlynn Olivia

My baby girl turned one today!  Ashlynn put up with us singing Happy Birthday at least six times.  The last time Justin and I sang to her, right before bed, she grinned the entire time.  Twelve months ago today we welcomed our third daughter into our family. It was a peaceful and joyous birth.  I love to be able to say that.       Third time's a charm. A year later, she's a happy, spirited and precious little girl. She's super coordinated and clever (she played me a little jingle on the xylophone today-no joke).  She loves to dance and never stops moving (catching photos of her is getting tougher and tougher). Her dimple melts my heart and watching her hold her own with her big sisters makes me so proud.  She just gets more and more beautiful every day.

We didn't celebrate in the traditional way today since we're deep in the preparations for her birthday party this weekend.  Addie, Bella and I have been creating all sorts of great Halloween decorations.  She won't know what it's all about, but Ashlynn's first birthday party is going to be so much fun to tell her about later on.   Instead of doing birthday type things today, I made sure to spend extra time holding her and rolling around with her on the floor.  She loves rough housing.  She got an animal cracker after dinner as a treat and extra outdoor play time.  She's desperate to play outside and would do so all day long if I let her.  Addie made her a special birthday card at school today and sang her "Happy Birthday" when she got off the school bus.  Arabella was an extra protective big sister today.  I love it when Bella calls Ashlynn "Sweet Baby Girl".  It was a gorgeous sunny day in Addis Ababa.  A perfect day to give Ashlynn extra kisses and reflect on the year we've had together.  More on that later.

I always take photos of the girls for their birthdays.  I pulled out Addie's and Bella's first birthday dresses and debated putting one on her for her photos.  In the end I felt she needed her very own first birthday dress.  Grammy and Grandpa supplied this one months ago and it's perfect for her Halloween birthday.

Happy First Birthday Ashlynn Olivia!


Danielle said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Ashlynn!! What beautiful photos of such a happy and beautiful baby! And I love the one of her eating the lens cap, Will does that to me ALL the time!!

Sadie said...

Happy Birthday Ashlynn! Sounds like a perfect first birthday - with lovely photos for helping to remember it years down the road.

Bfiles said...

happy birthday to your precious girl!

Heather P. said...

Happy 1st birthday Ashlynn! Sara, she is such a smiley and beautiful little girl. To many more great birthdays!

Just US said...

Happy Birthday Ashlynn!!!