Sunday, October 28, 2012

lots of stuff

Phew! This past weekend was really busy.  It was a three day weekend for the entire family and I really enjoyed having Justin home on Friday. Those freebie holidays are so great aren't they? Market Day was canceled since the embassy was closed so this was my second week in a row not baking.  It gave me an opportunity to make the most delicious pumpkin cinnamon rolls.  You have to try them!

On Saturday, we ran around the NGO Bazaar picking up souvenirs for Justin's best friend who is coming to town next month.  I loved choosing some special items for his wife!  I hope she likes them.

Dinner at the Chinese restaurant in our neighborhood proved to be a nice change to sending Justin to get carry out.  Ashlynn's now at the age we pack the folding booster seat and let her sit on her own.  She shoveled the sweet and sour chicken and pork dumplings like they were going out of style!  The girls qualified for ice cream cone dessert.  Ice cream in a cone is a million times tastier if you are a kid, am I right?
Eneye babysat on Saturday evening for us, but she arrived early enough that both Justin and I could take Addie and Bella to the movies to see Hotel Transylvania while Ashlynn took a nap at home.  I had not been to a movie with my kids since The Princess and the Frog in Manila with Addie when she was three.  The best part was the girls reaction when they found out I could come too!  It melted my heart they were so happy I could join what normally is a Daddy daughter date.  We all sat with our 3D glasses on and munched on popcorn.  I thought their heads would pop when I pulled out mini peanut M&M bags for each of them.  Mom's purse is a magical place.

Justin and I attended a grown-up Halloween party that night.  I say grown-up, but I mean twenty something party organized by the great, single, kid-less, young-ins. Don't get me wrong, the party was jumping up on a huge third floor terrace with a fire pit, fireworks and a DJ. Also, Justin and I are thrilled to still be considered cool enough to get invited to the parties thrown by this crowd.  But somehow, I have a hard time considering a 7 o'clock party with a fold up table covered in alcohol, two bowls of chips and salsa and delivery cheese pizza-a grown up party.  I brought a pie (it felt right for my costume) for the birthday boy (turning 24 or something as ridiculously young).  I literally ate three pieces of cheese pizza, a slice of pecan pie and a handful of candy corn for dinner.  It didn't bode well for my ability to consume alcohol that night.

Anyhow, I've learned my lesson and I won't be attending a party without eating dinner at home first.

We had to dig around in our closets to come up with costumes for the evening (costumes were mandatory-which is totally fun).  Justin amazingly had all the gear to be a Somali war lord and I had enough vintage garb to pull off a pretty decent Betty Draper from Mad Men.  The pack of cigarettes and white gloves I raided from my daughters dress-up box really tied the look together (HA! the gloves not the cigarettes).

I had a vintage hand bag and the dress was tea-length. That's a scarf around my shoulders with a broach.  I back combed my hair so it stood nice and tall on top but it's been years since mousse or hair spray has been apart of my beauty routine(I don't even own a working blow dryer) so my hair-do didn't stay up right.  Can I also tell you that Justin had to show me how to hold a cigarette properly.  I had no idea which way was the right direction.  Did you know that orange section at one end is a filter?  I had no idea! Justin laughed and was sort of appalled that I didn't have an ounce of cigarette knowledge in me.  I tried to think of a smoker I grew up around and could not think of one person that I knew that smoked.  Of course there was an uncle here or there and my best friend's grandma, but never anyone I spent a significant amount of time with.

My Betty Draper costume was lacking without a vodka gimlet in my other hand.   The red party cups with rum punch at the Halloween party were definitely not Betty's style (she's definitely super snobby like that).  It's been awhile since I was at a party with red party cups (not counting the parties where those cups hold juice for my children).  I'm afraid I'm getting old. But honestly, I sucked down that rum punch from the plastic red party cup, completely getting out of character for the majority of the party. All in all, the Halloween party was fun! Justin and I enjoyed the night out.

Sunday we hosted a wonderful brunch for two couples who are new to Addis.  The great part was neither couple had children so they brought mimosa makings with them and lingered drinking and talking with us well into the afternoon.  It was lovely!  Mimosas are delicious!  I made those bacon and apple crepes I talked about awhile ago along with my usual quiche, scones and salad.  Oh and I saved a pan of pumpkin cinnamon rolls to bake that morning.  Those things are addictive.  I love brunch and it's so fun to meet new people.

What have you been up to?


Chelsea said...

A: Why yes, I do have to make those pumpkin cinnamon rolls. They sound amazing!
B: That is quite the dress-up box! Ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

I love your description of the party, cracks me up! We were invited to another childless brunch yesterday that we had to turn down but found out today they were there for NINE hours boozing it up. I know in theory that should sound like a lot of fun but I just can't fathom it anymore! Your costume was beautiful though!!

Sweet Athena said...

great costume! mad men is one of my favorite shows. jess

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