Wednesday, October 17, 2012

lolly pop ghosts

Addie and Bella made lolly pop ghosts today as the take-away gift for our Halloween Birthday party guests. It's the perfect craft for small children to complete.  You could make a bunch of these for a school Halloween party or as trick-or-treat give aways.

Stuff you need:
1 bag of lolly pops (we like traditional tootsie pops)
about 22 tissues
ribbon or string
black construction paper

Cover each lolly pop with a tissue and use a bit of ribbon or string to tie a bow or knot around the stick right under the lolly pop.

Let your child get creative and draw on faces (some of ours were scary, some were happy like the lady ghost below with fancy eye lashes).

Cover the Styrofoam with black paper and have fun making a ghost party scene by sticking them in the Styrofoam.  You could get really creative with older children and make a grave yard scene with grass and tombstones the ghosts could be peaking out from.
check out that one-eyed creeper!

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Natasha said...

How fun and festive! I don't have a costume yet but I need one! I am so not creative when it comes to this.