Thursday, June 7, 2012

this is one happy woman

Yesterday the GSO carpentry crew brought over the kitchen island we requested months ago.  Our kitchen is quite spacious but with very little counter space (especially with that massive water distiller and our voltage transformer taking up so much room).  This island is big and just the perfect height.  It's exactly what I would want in an island, size wise.  In my dreams I have an island with re purposed barn wood and a butcher block top and industrial lights hanging above, but in my current living conditions I can't be too picky, right?

It made me unbelievably happy to prepare dinner on this work surface.  The girls brought their stools to the edge and watched.  The open space underneath can hold pots or appliances that aren't being used (or like last night it can be a imaginary bedroom for the kittens that are sometimes my older two daughters).  

I can't wait to roll out pie crust or pizza dough on this island.  Christmas cookies, a resting turkey, big bouquets of flowers on top...islands are so great.  Hitting my elbows on the microwave and coffee maker when working on a twelve inch by twelve inch bit of counter space will no longer be an issue! I have to give big props to the Ethiopian carpentry team here at the embassy!  

Please tell me I am not the only one to have a dream island in mind?  What's your idea of a dream kitchen island?
Speaking of dreams...this lovely interview and home tour at Design Mom with food and lifestyle photographer Kimberly Taylor has me swooning.  I love Design Mom's Living with Kids series.  It's so fun to peek in other family's homes to see how they make their home functional and beautiful.  The Taylor's farm house overlooking Seattle has to be my favorite so far.  That kitchen! It's phenomenal.  The lights hanging above her dining room table are perfection.  This home houses four boys.  Two of them teenagers!  What the what?  She must be supermom!  Plus they have chickens!  AND I adore her philosophy on raising boys
(kids really) and paying for chores.  Okay, I've drooled too much.  Go check it out.


Daniela Swider said...

That's a cool island, even if it's not exactly your dream island. Seems very practical and I can't wait to hear about the pies and pizzas you make on it. Enjoy!

Emily said...

I love islands! They add so much to a kitchen!
Lucky you!
Like Daniela said, I am excited to see all the yummies you create.