Thursday, June 14, 2012

that would look so cool in my dorm room

 Justin and I play this game when we see something awesome and outrageous.  One of us blurts out,"that would look so cool in my dorm room".  It basically allows us to put the coolest and oddest things in our hypothetical dorm rooms.  Those huge dancing windsock people-"that would look so cool in my dorm room".  Giant gorilla at the car dealership-"that would look so cool in my dorm room".  You get the picture.  We admit it.  We're nerds.

I've stayed in touch with my best friends from college.  I had the benefit of living in an all girls dorm my freshman year (didn't seem like a benefit at the time).  It sealed some pretty wonderful friendships with some pretty awesome women for those 4 years.  All five of us are off doing different things now.  Some of us are still in Washington State and others of us are elsewhere (Ethiopia counts as elsewhere).  I've recently been chatting with two of my friends who have recently become new moms and it's brought back so many wonderful college memories.  It was such a fun and exciting time in life.  I recall being stressed out most of the time and having to keep a bottle of Tylenol nighttime in my apartment for the nights I couldn't sleep from organic chemistry models dancing in my head before exams.  But really, college was awesome.

Plus, I had some awesome dorm rooms.  Sophomore year, my roommate and I lofted our beds with seating underneath and strung up white Christmas lights.  A college co-ed's dream come true.  We won second place for the coolest decorated dorm that year in Pflueger Hall

Connecting with my college friends during graduation season is kind of doubling up the memories for me.  Then Justin had a colleague with the fun task of purchasing a graduation gift for a young woman graduating from high school and moving on to college.  He asked me for some advice because this kind of thing is exactly up my alley.  I did some thinking and searching and put together a list of cool grad gift ideas.

Man! If only I was a graduate this year.   My dorm room in 2012 would be beyond cool.  Taking notes on my iPad, recording lectures with my iPhone.  Never having to hand write flash cards.  The technology today would have made studying so much more streamlined.  If you have a graduation gift to buy or just simply want to see what your hypothetical dorm room could look like today; check out this list.  It's going to have you applying for another Perkins loan just to get another college dorm room before you realize you have a mortgage and kids at home...and a diploma already on your wall!
this would be freakin awesome in my dorm room

These would look so cool in my dorm room.

iPod speaker dock.  This Bose speaker dock would blast The Beach soundtrack my sophomore year roommate and I played during dead week way better than that old boom box I had.

Tablet case:  This Coach vinyl cover would give your tablet way more style than the ugly black tough-case your parents insisted you buy.  Tablet vs. spiral notebook for note taking?  No competition.  I'd ace calc-based physics this time for sure.

Personalized stamp or embosser:  How cool would it be to personalize your textbooks with one of these?

Retro Polaroid camera:  Anything retro is cool if you are in college.  I'd be stringing up Polaroids of my study buddies.  Think black and white pics of that muddy powder puff football game during homecoming week.  Sweet!  The Polaroid 300 is pretty awesome too!

Clip lights:  This string of lighted clips would be the bomb for those Polaroids

Chalk board wall decal:  Who needs one of those ugly white boards for their door?  I'd totally use this chalk board so "love you roomie-have a great weekend with your rents" would look that much better in chalk.

Atlas tapestry:  Hello? this would look so cool tacked to the ceiling above my loft bunk beds or on the wall behind my futon.

Kit-Cat Klock: Retro cool again.

Bulldog Pillow: Can't have a real pet in your dorm so this would be a great stand-in.

Shower shoes: Remember that time you were in the communal shower that shared a drain with the shower next door, the only thing separating you and a friend was a plastic curtain and the gal in the shower next door took a pee and it got on your shower shoes?  True story.  At least you'd be wearing cute shower shoes this time and you'd really have something to yell at her about!

Study lounge wear:  Wasn't all of college completed in lounge wear?  Remember all those middle of the night prank fire alarm pulls that made you stand outside in the cold?  You wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen in these PJs.

Makes you want to be back in college again doesn't it?
Spring semester my junior year.  Me, Katie and Kristan
Heather and I
Graduation June 2003

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