Thursday, June 21, 2012

if I had a big sister

Design Mom interviewed Michelle LeBlanc of Pretty Mommy about her home, her style, and living with kids.  Here's my favorite Q & A.

Q: If you could give other moms your top tips on finding style in the everyday, what would they be?

A: Take a shower, paint your fingernails red, get out of those sweats  at least a couple of days a week, light a candle, buy a plant, and keep something bubbly in the fridge…even if it is just sparkling water!

This is the best bit of big sisterly advice I've heard. I don't even have a big sister!  Read the rest of the interview here.  

Excuse me while I go light a candle and buy a plant.  

Note: check out this basket sold at Pretty Mommy.  It inspired me to order an Ethiopian custom woven basket today at a handicraft co-op, Salem's down the street.  Only mine is going to be 3 feet tall with an orange pattern and about a third of the price.  They have the most beautiful woven goods. I want one of everything.


Pretty Mommy said...

Thank you SO much for the sweet post! Now I'm going to take my own advice and go change out of my sweats ;)

Sara said...

Yipes! How fun that you noticed. I love your online shop and I can't wait to dig through your blog!

meredith said...

I think that is fabulous advice! I have the horrible habit of falling into the rut of a quick tshirt and shorts, but have tried so hard since we are back in the state to get fully dressed up with a bit of mascara and all to start our day - it truly does make a a difference!