Monday, June 18, 2012

Ashlynn Olivia at 8 months

Ashlynn is fully mobile now.  In fact, the only time she is sitting still is for the 2.5 minutes it takes for her to scarf down a meal in her high chair or when she's asleep for the night.  Like most kids she goes for the dangerous stuff; the sharp marble fireplace, the choking hazard toys, the tiny spaces to crawl and bump her head.  She's no different than her sisters were.  Only our home here in Addis  Ababa is full of teeth chipping stairs.
Ashlynn still has zero teeth so I guess we don't have to worry about her chipping them yet.  Maybe she's going to forever be drooling and teething.  It feels that way.  No teeth isn't slowing her down on food though.  She loves apple, mango, banana, carrots, zucchini, avocado, squash and peas.

She's discovered the airplane game with her Daddy and slowly but surely Daddy is creeping to the top of her favorite-people-to-hang-out-with list
She's down to two naps per day now.  One around 9 AM and another around 2 PM.  She's tucked in to bed at 6:30 PM for the night.  She nurses 2-3 times during the day before or after her nap and then just before she goes to bed.  I'd love to say she doesn't wake to nurse at night but I'd just be lying.  Some (most) nights she wakes about every four hours.  I'm pretty much done with that.  I let her cry but she still wakes up.    I'm moving on to a bottle of water to see if that helps her to get over the wake ups.  It's definitely out of habit instead of hunger.  Sometimes she even wakes up in between those every 4 hour wake ups.  Ugh!  I'm tired of being tired.

Ashlynn is a playful happy baby.  She smiles most of the time.  If she's not smiling she's concentrating really hard on something.  She still has big belly laughs when her sisters tickle her funny bone but Justin and I can still only get a giggle out of her when we are physically tickling her.  Most of the time Justin and I are chopped liver when Addie and Bella are in the room.
I can't help but thinking how lucky she is to have two big sisters to grow up with.  


Heather P. said...

Ash is beautiful! She sure looks super mobile and busy. You area great mommy and daddy of 3 sweet girls!

meredith said...

I want to eat her with a spoon!!!!