Sunday, October 2, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Justin and I love the Fall for all the obvious reasons. Football season, pumpkin flavored everything, Halloween, the leaves on the trees changing color. It's been a very long wait to experience Fall again in America with our girls. This weekend marked the first day of real Fall we've experienced as a family. It was a breezy 50 degrees, Justin made pumpkin pancakes for breakfast, we all wore coats and boots and visited a real pumpkin patch; complete with corn maze, hayrides, slides, goat feeding, and apple cider. I road the extra bumpy hayride as a rather unorthodox way to jump start labor. We'll see how that worked. The girls loved the farm and animals. The big slides were a hit! The girls weren't thrilled about the cold wind and rain. They are tropical babies through and through. That red cheeked, freezing hands and nose feel was the most invigorating feeling in my opinion. My daughters disagree!

It's been a long wait to get pictures like these.


Heather P. said...

What fun! Fall is the best season -:). Glad you all were here to enjoy it!

meredith said...

I am so jealous!! The only thing, in my mind, that makes TDY to DC worth the hassle is the fall season - enjoy!!!! Can't wait to hear news of your big arrival :)