Thursday, September 22, 2011


My sister-in-law has three adorable girls. This is one reason Justin and I had a good laugh when we learned that our third child would be a girl as well. What are the chances that one family would have 6 granddaughters and 0 grandsons between just two families? Rachel, Trey, and their sweet family live in Hawaii and we've waited for the day that we could unite all the girls and let them finally get some cousin play time.

Well the time has come! The girls and I made pinkalicious cupcakes as a welcome present for their cousins. We figured a little sugar might help with the severe jet lag from Hawaii. We aren't new to the extreme jet lag experience! Arabella sat out the decorating session to focus on licking the frosting off the beater. What? You don't cook in your panties and Crocs?The two eldest girls, Addie and Riley hit it off right away. It took about 10 minutes for them to figure one another out and then from there they needed a common interest. Addie packed some dress-up clothes and her tea set for day two of playing with Riley; that and her scooter so they could ride around Poppy's cul-de-sac together. Addie and Bella really had fun with baby Emrey. Seeing the tenderness they had with her made me even more excited for our new baby to arrive. It was so fun to finally see the children together and catch up with Rachel. We've missed them so much.

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Heather P. said...

Aww, the girls are going to be such good helpers with baby girl #3. Bella looks soooo determined with the frosting! Lots of estrogen in your homes -:).