Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Preschool in America

It's the second week of Adelaide's preschool experience in America. Above is her first day of school. Below is another day that she wanted me to photograph her carefully chosen outfit. I wish I was as cool as my daughter. I chose a community run/ parent co-op preschool system that is just three days a week for 3 hours each day. It's about a 3 minute drive from our house. After her all day, 5 day a week pre-k program in Manila; this preschool is very loose and more play oriented. Most the kids are 3 and she's easily the most mature 4 year old in the classroom so my goal to have it be a social growing experience if it wasn't going to push her academically, isn't really working out. She's enjoying the arts and crafts and the outdoor play time. Her teacher is really great too. I think the program will be fine knowing we're only going to be here for four months of school before moving her to the International school in Addis Ababa for the pre-k program there. The price is right on this program as well compared to some ridiculously priced preschool programs in Arlington, VA. But along with the low price tag comes a commitment for me to volunteer once a month in the classroom (hence parent co-op). This has proven to be challenging for two reasons; 1. Arabella 2. my huge pregnant belly! We're making it work though.I really wish Arabella could attend this preschool. She's definitely ready for the classroom and I have to beg her to give up her seat when it's time for us to leave Addie at school. A lot of this also stems from the connection Addie and Bella are cultivating as sisters. It's so sweet to see how close they've become. Hand holding is a must when we are walking anywhere and Bella asks me a million times "where's Addie?" "Addie at home?" "Addie?" when she and I have our three hours together when Addie's at school. Picking her sister up from school is Arabella's highlight of the day. Thank you to Auntie Brienne for the matching sparkly Hello Kitty t-shirts. Adorable!

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Daniela Swider said...

OMG those pictures are darling! My daughter has the same Hello Kitty t-shirt and loves it!!!