Wednesday, October 12, 2011

apple picking

Along with every other yuppie family in Northern Virginia, we went apple picking Columbus Day weekend in Purcelville, VA. It was a tad warm to feel truly like fall but the girls were loving it in their summer clothing. Addie really got into the apple picking and climbed a few trees to get the good unreachable apples at the top. She then got a hold of my camera and snapped a few decent photos. One of my favorite is the one of Kiki in the blackberry bushes. Addie yelled "Kiki, stop right there" and then snapped the picture. Arabella was happy picking an apple and then immediately taking a bite out of it. I think she ate about three apples that day. I lugged Ashlynn around the entire time wishing she'd just arrive already. She's becoming much too comfortable on the inside. The trip was fun and in the process Justin and I decided that an old house in Purcelville, VA just might be where we end up after all our overseas jet setting and diplomat living. The country side was gorgeous and the old homes were full of character. Now we can just fantasize about it for the next few years. I was definitely picturing my teenage daughters with boots and buckets working at the apple orchards as their summer jobs during high school. We brought the apples home and I promptly made an apple pie that we ate a la mode. Not too shabby. Every day in America is pretty darn amazing. It's still not getting old.

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Heather P. said...

What a fun day! I love how happy the girls look. Baby Ashlynn will be here soon....can't wait to meet her -:).