Thursday, October 13, 2011

39 weeks

I'm more than just a little anxious for our third baby to arrive. I got caught up in the hype of everyone thinking she'd come early. The doctors even said the third baby often arrives early. I guess I've been ready for her arrival for a good three weeks now. Every week that I have to go back to the doctors or gymnastic class and hear "You're STILL pregnant?" is kind of rough. To be fair, my due date isn't until October 16 so technically she could still come "early". It's a bit annoying that neighbors or almost strangers act frustrated that I'm still pregnant. I should be the only one allowed to be annoyed that my baby has decided she's comfortable where she is. Am I right?

Three weeks ago I was extremely uncomfortable because I was always short of breath and having dizzy spells mostly because the baby was crowding my lung capacity. Once she dropped I immediately felt like I had more energy and oxygen to fuel my days. The only problem now is that the baby sits on my sciatic nerve and makes it tough to walk. Her movements are painful as well. I'm not sure what's better at this point having her in my lungs or between my legs. Bottom line is that Hokie Bird #3 is getting too big for the space inside.I'm still 4 cm dilated after three weeks at this point. Even after punishing myself with walking and lifting and not taking it easy. If anything I've been pushing myself a little too much at gymnastics class, preparing the house for our new baby's arrival, physically straining activities on the weekends. All with no luck in getting this baby to budge.

After getting over the mental let down of still being pregnant today, when I've literally been packing my toothbrush in my hospital bag every night now for two weeks, I am trying to see the upside to still having this baby in my belly.

The good news is that she's big and strong. Her heart rate is strong and she's moving all the time. Both Addie and Bella were born right at 40 weeks give or take a day or two and weighed over 8 lbs. They came out bright pink, screaming, and ready to nurse right away. Our new baby girl is probably going to follow suit and be a nice big healthy girl right from the start. The other positives I can see is that I get a bit more time with Bella as my baby. I've been savoring our time together alone when Addie is at school. When the baby arrives I won't have nearly the flexibility that I do now and I'm sure that I'll be too tired to play as much right away. My Mommy/Bella time has been priceless.

The last plus for the baby staying put is that we get to stay in America a tad longer. The moment she arrives, our countdown clock starts ticking to move to Ethiopia and right now that's just too much for me to handle.

I do have an end date scheduled. I will be induced on October 21 if the baby doesn't arrive on her own. It's longer to wait than I had hoped. 5 days past my due date sounds like torture right now but at least I know I won't be pregnant after that day. The waiting is excruciating!

*I guess I'm technically closer to 40 weeks now than 39 but the photos were taken on Sunday by Addie when we were apple picking. This one was taken the day before at the pumpkin patch. The girls are always hugging their little sister. Bella won't let Justin leave for work without kissing the baby. He just bends down and plants one on my belly and Bella giggles. It's pretty cute.


Heather P. said...

You look beautiful at 39 almost 40 weeks pregnant! Enjoy the last days, it's about to get even better with Ashlynn's arrival any day. I agree that she sure is stubborn for not coming out after all you have been doing!

Sunny said...

You look great and all baby. It is amazing how far out you carry. Miss you and wish I could help. Love you!

Bfiles said...

you really look incredible. I am excited to read about her arrival. Wishing you a safe, speedy, healthy delivery! She WILL come soon!