Friday, December 10, 2010

Breakfast with Santa

I insisted that the grown up Christmas party not go too late because we had to be up and out the door to have breakfast with Santa the next morning pretty early. The girls wanted nothing to do with Santa, so technically it was just "breakfast with their pretty dresses on". No problem, there were plenty of other kids to play with. It was a potluck style meal and I'm proud to say that Yaya's quiche was eaten the fastest (I'm so proud of her quiches, she's truly perfected my recipe and she was a complete superstar to make it the night before). The girls downed a doughnut and ran around. Nothing like getting sweaty in the tropical heat to celebrate Christmas. When we got home both girls took a nap. Poor Addie couldn't even come up with a good enough excuse to keep her eyes open. That's how we know our big girl is not feeling well.


pdxkatie said...

Those dresses! I LOVE them. Will you share where you got them? I think I need one for Little Miss.

What a gorgeous picture of you and the girls!

Sara said...

I bought them here in Manila at Rustan's department store. They are actually the brand of the store "Rustanette". I will go and see if they have another one for Em. Addie is wearing a local size 5 in this. The fabric is rich and good quality. I love the dresses too. Everyone asks if I got them custom made.

Daniela said...

Beautiful pictures! And yes the dresses are gorgeous!

Bfiles said...

i just love their dresses, too. sweet pics.