Friday, December 10, 2010

the annual grown up Christmas party

I love Christmas cocktail parties. Every year we are invited to Justin's office holiday party. It's a fun event with lots of good food and drink. The view of the city lit up with Christmas lights is pretty spectacular. I personally would like to see it a tad more Christmas-y with egg nog or spiced cider, Christmas carols, mistletoe, maybe gift exchange or something cheesy. I used to love the bake-off and door prize give aways at my old Booz Allen and Hamilton holiday extravaganza parties. Anyway, the holiday party has to stay business so things are a tad stiff but all in all a really great time. Any excuse to get dressed up is a fun time in my book.*I talked Justin into wearing his family heirloom Christmas pants this year. These wonderful wool plaid pants were his grandfather's annual Christmas attire for as long as Justin can remember. When his Grandfather passed away his Grandmother passed the Christmas pants torch on to Justin. It's a wonderful sentimental tradition. The pants were a hit. I have to say Justin was the best dressed at the party. My motto when it comes to fashion is that it's better to stand out than to just be one of the crowd.

Besides fighting a raging virus in my system and being utterly exhausted, we had a great time at the grown up Christmas party!*Just a few words on my outfit that night: I bought this dress for $3 at a second hand store when I was in college. I never wore it and almost threw it out on numerous occasions. When I found this little jacket here I decided it would be perfect with the dress. Add some vintage inspired heels and a feather hair comb and viola, my solution to not getting a custom cocktail dress made this year for the party. It was definitely cheaper!


Terry said...

Love the feather, love the pants.

Bfiles said...

you look fabulous! figured it was a new dress!