Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Arabella discovered that splashing the bath water is tremendous fun the other night. She smacked the water with her hand and then laughed as the water sprayed her face. I encouraged her by making silly noises as after the splashes. She laughed so hard she tooted in the water then bent forward and pooped in the water. I grabbed her as I saw the bubbles coming so luckily she stayed clean. She's quickly gone from baby to Miss Independent. She wants to jump and run and play just like her big sister. She's now going to sleep at 6:30 PM with her sister so they get play with Dad after dinner and bathe together. Justin swings Bella around like he does Addie and Bella just comes back for more. The Daddy/Bella bonding is in effect. She jumps out of her skin with excitement when Dad comes home, just like Addie. Adelaide isn't completely thrilled with sharing her Dad with her little sister. I think she preferred it when Bella was in bed when Dad came home! Now Justin has two little girls to come home to. He's totally thrilled. Last night as I was getting into bed Justin commented "I can't believe we have two beautiful little girls. I love it". Most every night we rush and race around to get the girls in bed and then breath a sigh of relief that we get an hour or two together alone. Then as we are going to sleep we already miss the hub and bub of the kids. After peaking in on the sleeping angels it's hard not to be thankful for how much we have been blessed with our daughters. I usually turn off the light and Bella is up for a feeding within 10 minutes as if she knows I want to rest. Then I'm off to the races again.

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Terry said...

Sara, I laughed out loud at this story, luckily I had just used the "Loo".