Thursday, February 11, 2010

shoe shopping

I'm already imagining back-to-school shopping with my two girls when they are 12 and 14. It will be pure heaven for me. I loved school shopping with my Mom as a kid; picking out new outfits, getting new shoes, maybe even a new school bag (purple Esprit tote for 4th grade, forest green JanSport for the 7th grade, L.L. Bean messenger bag for freshman year of college-my life could be described by what bag I had when-I love it!). I have a feeling my girls will be just as much shoppers as their Mommy. Addie already loves clothes and bags, and shoes. She loves "shopping" in my closet for the highest pumps to clomp around the house in (Hell, I'm not wearing them much). Yesterday, on Addie's day off from school, she and I had a little date while Bella took her morning nap. We met some friends at Market Market for some fancy shoe shopping and then hit the playground. Little girl shoes in the Philippines can be pretty trashy. We see lots of little girls in heels, espadrilles, open toed clear plastic heel numbers. It's quite alarming if these are the shoes you are letting your little girl got to school in or walk around the park in. Now if the intent is for dress-up fun: I say bring on the flashy sparkle and glitz! There are gobs and gobs of these cheap ($4) shoes from China so I let Addie have her pick. She roamed around picking up the displays and putting them on her feet. The sales girls got a kick out of watching her. She finally narrowed her search on a few pairs, all with heels of course. Would I expect any less of my little fashionista. She decided on the pair in the pictures. The girl helping us try on shoes was flabbergasted that I was going to buy them way too big for her. The idea that these shoes were for play just didn't register for her. Addie, as you can see, was in love with them. She's definitely my daughter.

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Terry said...

Addie is such a girly girl. Love the pedi.