Sunday, February 21, 2010

only while Dad's away

I kept it together for the most part over the weekend while Justin was away. For some reason the weekends are worse because I know on any other weekend we'd be together as a family. When Monday and Saturday feel the same to me I'm not a happy camper. We had a few interesting moments which my husband (and you!) get to experience second hand.

While I was putting Bella down for a nap yesterday I caught Addie filling her dress shoes with water from the bidet and pouring it all over the floor. She explained to me that she had pooped in her little potty and flushed it down my big potty all by herself and now was washing up. I cringed from the thought of all that going on without my help. She was rather proud.

At the pool, a little bug landed on Addie's lip, stung her and then went in her mouth. She kept saying it was spicy as her little lip swelled up. I gave her some antihistamine which she let run down her lips and chin cause it didn't taste right to her. Sigh...

In a desperate need to get out of the house, we went to dinner last night just us girls (all dressed up in dresses and hair clips). While I was holding Bella, trying to eat my meal, and feeding Addie a man came over from the table of Filipinos who thought we were their own personal circus entertainment. He told me his niece was a big fan of my baby and was wondering if she could "cuddle her while I ate my dinner?" What?! Seriously, this country is full of nutsos sometimes. At least he wasn't telling me his long drawn out Visa story and asking if I could help. Besides being a blond novelty show for all the other patrons, the dinner went well and no one had a meltdown.

Addie is not the best listener of all time (shocking, I know for a two and a half year old), I lost my patience on Saturday with her at lunch time and yelled. She got really sad and said "Mom, we're friends. I don't want you to scream at me" to which I completely melted and made a mental note from then on to make and extra effort to keep my cool, vowing to never make her feel that way again. She's too smart though. She tried the weepy line on me again as I was reprimanding her for something legitimate and there was no yelling involved this time. She was just trying to make me feel bad.

We snacked on some peanut M&Ms on the way home from school today. When I told her she couldn't have anymore she got a pouty face and said "but I'm sad because my Daddy's not here, I need some candy". HA! Addie is learning very fast. I didn't fall for it.


Heather said...

wow, sounds like you sure have your hands full! Must be a lot of fun, despite some crazy days. Hope you are well -:)

Melinda Renee said...

*chuckling whimper* OH! *hug*