Monday, November 24, 2008

minor emergency

Yesterday I was talking on the phone with a friend for a few minutes while Addie was pulling my arm trying to drag me to play, she then moved on to going into my bathroom and closing the door then opening it just enough to play peekaboo with me. She ran out into the hall as I was hanging up the phone and I heard the thunk of the spare bedroom door close. I immediately ran to the door and buried my hands in my face when I realized the door had somehow gotten locked from the inside. Addie was crying already after she noticed I couldn't open the door immediately. Slight panic ensued as I realized we weren't issued keys for the bedroom doors even though they have locks that you can engage from the inside (don't ask me why we weren't given them). Lucy happened to get locked in the room months back and when the locksmith came I had him make a key for Addie's bedroom door but ran out of cash for him to do both doors. Of course, Addie gets locked in the door I have no key for. I gather myself together while my daughter is screaming on the other side of the door. Cora tried to calm her while I get on the phone with the locksmith. Luckily in the emergency situation someone arrived within 10 min and she was sobbing in my arms in another 2 minutes. My poor baby, she was mostly scared but I felt horrible. It was one of those moments as a Mom that you realize that everything falls on your shoulders. Absolutely everything; from her safety, health, well being, everything. I cried from the guilt and then started worrying about the other things I should be preparing for. I was a bit frazzled for the rest of the day but Addie wasn't phased. Before this minor emergency I had Addie's hair in pigtails. I didn't think she could look any cuter but I was wrong. See for yourself.


Terry said...


I'm thinking my mom would have given her eye teeth for a door like that. Terry who?
Love, Terry

Rachel said...

Poor Addie! I bet she won't be playing that game again anytime soon! You were probably more traumatized then Addie was. Addie looks adorable in her pig tails!

the warnicks said...

the tree is beautiful like addie hope sara is well and addie do not lock any more doors grandpa grandma kathy and t