Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hokie Bird 2 18 weeks

We payed a visit to the OB again today. Amazingly 18 weeks has passed since Hokie Bird 2 was conceived! I forgot how the second trimester flies by. The baby is growing at a faster rate which coincides with my growing appetite. Cheetos and carrots with cream cheese are currently my two favorite snacks. Everything looks good so far. The baby has been moving around quite a bit now and gives me plenty of little gabs to remind me that he/she is in there. There is a strong heart beat and four beautiful chambers to the heart that are wonderfully reassuring. The spine is healthy and strong as well as the rest of the baby. The tummy is measuring a bit larger than the rest but I am not surprised. Addie was a big chubby baby. The doctor said this next month the baby will fill out quite a bit so the stretching will continue. It was very tempting to strain our eyes to see what was or wasn't down between the little legs but we held out. The surprise will be worth it! All in all Hokie Bird 2 is doing great.

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Terry said...

Cheetos & carrots. Sounds like a redhead. The next 18 weeks will fly by. Keep up the god work.
Aunt Terry