Wednesday, November 19, 2008

girlie girl

Turns out Addie is quite the girlie girl. On the few occastions that I was required to primp myself heavily in the last few weeks (Marine Ball and family portrait) Addie was absolutely fascinated with the entire process. She sat up on the counter of my bathroom and played with all the little bottles and tubes. Before we left the States I organized my make-up into two bags; one that I use frequently and one that I don't (a.k.a. make-up that I used to wear out with the girls pre-marriage and pre-baby. I can't part with the smokey eye liner and dramatic colors). Anyhow I handed Addie bag number two and I thought she was going to explode with joy. She opens all the pallets and takes out the applicators. She rubs the colors all over her fingers. It was a little upsetting at first to see her ruin perfectly good Lancome and Stella but I guess I gotta let go sometime right? She insisted that I put yummy lotions on her legs just like mine and she ran the comb through her own hair after I was done. Chap stick is her favorite. I think some Lip Smackers are in our future soon. I made the mistake of opening my jewelry box in front of her and I could see her eyes light up with the possibilities of all those sparkly things. Now she loves to sit on the counter with me no matter what I'm doing; washing my hands or brushing my teeth. I think Pandora's box has been opened and there's no turning back...she's a girlie girl.


Kristin said...

Lip smackers, makeup, scented lotion...Addie is my kind of girl. I think Santa will be paying a visit to the Philippines!

pdxkatie said...

Emme is a girlie girl too. She loves "mama's pretties" and swabs her face with my powder brush. My favorite is when she hooks a purse over her elbow!
Love getting to hear these details about Addie!