Tuesday, January 29, 2013

the people in Lalibela

It was fascinating to see how these ancient churches were deep in the trenches of the city.  We passed from one church to another through small secret paths and sometimes even tunnels.  They were well protected and some were even hidden from the outside.  It's amazing that these churches are not built by stone bricks, they are actually carved from one huge piece of stone.  Essentially the churches are carved from the mountains.  Chiseled bit by bit into these amazing structures.
The priest inside a church. holding the cross of Lalibela.  A worshiper rests his head on the painting.
young pilgrims 

I didn't have a wide angle lens with me so it was hard to get shots of the entire church being that we were so close to them.  I prefer scenes, things and people so that's what I tried to capture.
shoes must be removed before going in the churches.  We didn't stay long inside the churches because they were very crowded but if we had we surely would have flea bites like most visitors to Lalibela churches


Mommy said...

Love love love! St. George is pretty far up there on my "to see" list. I remember watching a National Geographic special on the history of Christianity in Ethiopia and I've always wanted to visit the relevant sites.

And fleas...yikes!! I was eaten alive on my feet and ankles one night when living in Honduras...probably one of the more miserable experiences of my life having to endure the days following. Hope you guys were spared!

Sweet Athena said...

It has been a while since I have stopped by your blog, but I'm so glad I did. These photos are amazing!!! Thanks for sharing. Jess

Sara said...

Thanks Ladies, Lalibela was absolutely amazing!