Sunday, January 27, 2013

picnic with Ethiopian coffee

The girls gifted this little soccer ball as we left.  
We drove Megan to the Bethel Women's Center a few days after Christmas.  We've picnicked here a few times.  Last time we were here the girls had their first experience with a pottery wheel.  It was a gorgeous day to get out of Addis.  Megan and I packed a cooler complete with a beer for Justin and little pink water bottles full of whiskey sours for Megan and I (I ended up drinking both of them-I guess Meg isn't into afternoon cocktails).
The best part of the picnic was introducing Megan to a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony.  My sister is not a coffee drinker (which is absolutely nuts).  All the Ethiopian coffee in this country was kind of lost on her during her visit.  But I really wanted her to taste it and see the coffee ceremony.  She liked it and watching the beans roast and get crushed and then boiled added to the experience!

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