Monday, January 28, 2013

Hudad at the top

Once we all sat down and plowed through a hot meal and then realized that we actually made it to the top (I had my doubts), we started to explore the plateau.  Lalibela Hudad is an eco lodge on the top of a plateau.  The website describes the lodge as being "luxury".  I completely disagree.
The dining and kitchen area of Hudad

 There is nothing luxurious about this lodge.  There is no electricity, no running water, no indoor plumbing.  The toilet is a hole in the ground in a bush 30 feet from your dark freezing cold room. The staff would bring a bowl of hot water to your room for a bath if you wanted (we didn't want-it was so damn freezing up there).  All the cooking is done by Ethiopian women in a stone kitchen by open fire. The second night for an Ethiopian buffet fresh injera was made and a goat and two chickens were slaughtered.  The girls and I watched as the women cornered the chickens under the table and then grabbed them by their necks as they skwaked.  Surely, these chickens knew their fate.  The goat was carried down from a higher plateau on a local tribe woman on her back. I can honestly say, it was the best Ethiopian food I've tasted.  It may not be luxury, but Hudad is the most authentic Ethiopian experience I've ever had.  Once I came to terms with the fact that I was essentially camping at the top of a mountain with my family, I loved it!
beautiful fresh ingredients
our dinner on night two
how in the world do you control the temp on this thing?
Here are some photos of the plateau and the lodge.

our room.  Inside were two beds and a bench on top of a dirt covered stone floor.  We were given candles for dark.  Luckily the beds were comfy and piled high with heavy warm blankets.  


Anonymous said...

ok you guys are officially the most hard core FS couple with kids that I know. That hike sounds insane, the views look gorgeous (and the, I think my husband wouldn't be able to do the bus). The photos Sara are fantastic! And I love your description of the mountain top "luxury." Glamping, could we call it glamping? :) I'm about to go hop in bed with my sick little one so won't have time to comment on any other posts tonight but just wanted to say that I love them all and welcome back to the digital world (but I'm so glad that you had such an adventure-filled break!!)

p.s. you guys are bidding soon right??? Can't wait to hear about it!

Nomads By Nature said...

I agree with the "glamping" choice of words. Kudos to you all. Hopefully you also got to see a blanket of amazing stars up in your ecoperch of the world!