Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine heart bunting

I whirled myself into a flurry of surprise Valentine preparations last night after my daughters were fast asleep. I made heart shaped muffins with vanilla bean cream cheese frosting for breakfast (shoot-that's actually a cupcake.  Yup!  They ate cupcakes for breakfast today).  I hung streamers that started at our chandelier but then the long tails wrapped all around the room ending in a hidden spot and attached to their Valentines surprise.  A different color streamer for each girl!

I also spent a good hour and a half stitching stuffed paper hearts for my Valentine bunting.  Bunting sounds cuter than garland doesn't it?  Anyway, I cut out the hearts and then had a fabulous idea to hand stitch two hearts together and stuff the middle with bits of paper towel so they looked like little heart pillows.  Four needle wounds to my thumb and 5 heart shaped muffins later; I had them stuffed and stitched but not hung.
Thank goodness for Aunt Megan leaving these adorable metal hanging clips.  All I had to do was punch a little hole in the hearts and hang them on a hook.  I used bakers twine on the mantel and clipped the little hearts on.  Sometimes the best craft ideas are last minute and a bit of a race to get done.  What good would a Valentine bunting do me on February 15th?
What do you think?  I think the stitching adds so much character to the paper!  Happy Valentines Day!


Anonymous said...

so very cute and I love the idea of a streamer ending in a surprise with a different color for each girl. You are so good at finding simple but such special ways to celebrate the holidays!

Sweet Athena said...

What a fun surprise for all your girls to wake up to! And the bunting is very cute with the added stitches around the hearts. But by far my favorite part of this post: "shoot-that's actually a cupcake". Sometimes cupcakes for breakfast just make sense. ~Jess

Emily said...

I LOVE IT! What a great idea, and frosting for BREAKFAST?!?! That sounds like a way to celebrate love to me.