Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ashlynn in the bath

Note the mouth in motion-Ashlynn is a talker and she chatters away any chance she can get
I have tons of photos of Addie in the bath as a baby and toddler, a good amount of Bella doing the same thing, but not many of my youngest daughter splashing around.  I have my camera with me a lot during the day so it's not for lack of trying.  Bath time with three girls, at once, all by myself is simply chaotic.  I'm generally grinning and bearing it so we can all just get through the routine without too much shouting (from me).

 But tonight Addie was busy exercising at bath time-yep push ups and head stands and all sorts of crazy moves.  So I snagged the younger two girls and plopped them in the tub first.  It quickly turned into a giggle fest as they made fountains with the bath toys and tipped water over the side for Lucy.  Ashlynn thinks it's absolutely hilarious to see Lucy lapping up the bath water.  I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures before snapping everyone back in to shape for bedtime.  The fun they were having was contagious!


Anonymous said...

Three little ones at bathtime? You are super woman! I'm lucky in that bath time is Chris and Will's thing and its my moment to go sit down for 10 minutes and recharge before the nighttime theatrics. The photos are beautiful though and it sounds like this night was one of those magical moments of parenthood to me!

Nomads By Nature said...

So very cute! Especially love the one of your youngest and the dog - it just looks like fun!