Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Adelaide and the Tooth Fairy

Addie has had a loose tooth now for a week or more.  Wiggly enough that I had to look at it and then gasp because her adult tooth had already come in behind the baby one.  She was relieved to find out this was supposed to happen and has been happily wiggling and tugging away at it.  She came home from school today with a shy closed mouth smile and then the huge announcement that her tooth had fallen out!  During art class!  She saved it in a plastic bag!  Everyone wanted to see her new smile!  Her friend Justin at school lost his first tooth today at school too!

Bell said, "That's pretty awesome, Addie!" and completely meant it.  We hoisted her up to look at her beautiful new holey smile in the mirror.  She pulled out a perfect little treasure box to put her tooth in  under her pillow for the tooth fairy.  The conversation continued like this:

Addie: Do you think the tooth fairy will come tonight and find my tooth?
Mom:  I'm sure she knows about your tooth.
Bella: Maybe we should call her just to make sure.
Mom: She'll come, she's magical like Santa Claus.  He found our home for Christmas. I'm sure the Tooth Fairy is just as clever.
Bella: (looking in the mirror with a toothy grin) When are my teeth going to come out?
Mom: Hopefully no sooner than they are supposed to.
Addie: What do you think the fairy will leave me? I want chocolate!
Mom: Well when I was little the Tooth fairy left me money for my teeth.
Addie: I wonder if she'll bring American or Ethiopian money.
Mom: I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Addie couldn't stop mentioning how exciting it was that she lost her first tooth.  She said she feels like a six year old.  I can't help but wonder if there is anyway I can make time stand still, just a little bit, so the girls stop growing up already.  Ash is saying "Night Night", drinking from a big girl cup (no lid) and using a spoon. Bella is drawing faces with arms and legs sticking out the heads and putting on her own clothes (not without mishaps). Addie's loosing her teeth.  Sheesh!


Emily said...

awesome addie! The tooth fairy will bring you something good. I like your headband looks pretty cute on you!

The Gunning Family said...

Such an exciting milestone! I alwasy found it really cool that they lose their teeth in the order they got them!

city said...

thanks for share.