Thursday, March 8, 2012

new friends

It’s fun to watch my children make new friends.  Both Adelaide and Arabella have quickly made new friends at school.  Addie never seems to have trouble finding a best friend where ever she goes.  Bella on the other hand seems content to play with her friends at school and then come home to her best friend, Addie. 

Luckily there are lots of families with children in Addis.  Interacting with them is challenging.  Being at home in a walled compound is much more secluded than my lifestyle at our apartment complex in Manila.    There I could just take an elevator ride to visit friends.  We would have impromptu play dates every day.  Here, we have to schedule a play date and drive.  I know of only one other stay at home Mom in my neighborhood.  Luckily we have become friends and her two daughters are roughly the same age as Ashlynn and Arabella.   

Having a baby makes it challenging for me to participate in any of the embassy community activities during the week.  After spending most of the morning shuttling the two older children to school and back the last thing I want to do is get in the car for a ladies tea 30 minutes away.  Right now I’m too busy keeping nap schedules, fielding little girl requests and making dinner.  Somewhere in the middle of it all I try to sit and read or play with Ashlynn so she isn’t just carted around all day long getting lost in the shuffle.  I know one day this won’t be the case and I’ll have ample opportunity to spend with other grown-ups.  I’m kind of a home body anyway.  Being with my girls at home is a good place to be. 
Last Sunday Justin and I hosted some friends and their two girls for a brunch.  It gave me an excuse to  plan a meal and play hostess.  The best part is watching the children get along and play.  All four girls dressed as princesses.  When we have friends come play the princess dresses are the most used toys.

Here is Adelaide with her new best friend.  Aren’t they precious?  Addie’s out of her skin excited because today she went home with her new best friend after school. 

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