Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I got smart

The commute to and from school was killing me.  Literally sucking the life from my body.  Every day the girls and I sit in the car in traffic getting to school and then I'd make the ride home.  The same thing happens for pick up.  On a bad day I was sitting in the car (the crappy rental car right now), sniffing the diesel exhaust for close to four hours.  On a good day it was two.  I was car sick, irritable, and feeling guilty for leaving Ashlynn at home for that long without her mama.

I got smart and am now sending our driver with Addie and Bella or just Addie (depending on the day) for school drop off.  Then I go pick them up with the driver.  This gives me the entire morning to play and read with Ashlynn and Bella if it's a day Bella doesn't go to school.  I can nurse Ashlynn and get her down for her nap.  She's been sleeping longer when I'm at home to nurse her before she lies down.  Bella isn't cranky sitting in the car any more.  It's a winning situation all around.  Addie made a stink after a few days about not giving me a hug when she's dropped off at school but I tried to explain to her that it just isn't practical for me to just go along for the ride when our driver is responsible and two girls need me at home.  Plus I made the case that is was like having her own private school bus taking her to school.  She seemed to understand.

I have to say this change has done wonders for my mental well-being.  After I kiss the girls goodbye for their day I can eat my breakfast with Ash, get a cup of tea, and settle down on the floor to play with my darling girl.  It's opened up at least 2 hours in my day.  Yesterday I made bagels with some of that time.  I also cleaned the playroom and checked my email.  Imagine that.  


Heather P. said...

It's amazing what an extra hour given back in your day can do for mental health! I completely agree with you and good for you for making that decision. Happy mom = happy family. Sorry to hear about your bad day last week, but it sounds like it had a happy ending with good dinner and finally water. I can't imagine the amount of things I take for granted every day living in the US, that is your family's reality every day. Keep smiling -:)

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