Sunday, March 11, 2012

her first taste

Ashlynn's been giving me signals that she is ready for solid food.  At the table she's always trying to grab what I'm eating.  She fusses and seems frustrated when we are all eating or I'm cooking and she's left out.  She's just barely sitting up on her own now.  Yesterday she wasn't interested in nursing after her nap so she played for awhile but became increasingly fussy and irritable.  I tried to nurse her again which just irritated her.  Instead, I pumped out some milk and mixed it with some baby cereal for her first taste of solid food.  She loved it!  Right away she was opening her mouth for the spoon and swallowing the food.  Within a few bites she was grinning ear to ear.  I ended up mixing three portions of the cereal since she was clearly interested in more after the first two were gone.  She was so happy afterwards.  I'm thrilled she liked it so much.  

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