Tuesday, March 8, 2011

trying to tire them out

Addie sleeps so restlessly sometimes. It's so aggrevating on nights that Bella sleeps like a dream. I'm up every hour responding to bad dreams, coughing, requests for water from the ELDEST child. They usually alternate sleepless nights so if it isn't one it's the other.

My plan to knock them both out...afternoons at the pool until little Bella starts shivering and her lips turn purple. The poor thing can only take about 45 minutes in the pool now that all her baby blubber has shed away. Look at those skinny thighs now!

Bella barely lets me hold on to her and low and behold when I let go of her she sucks in a gallon of water but wants to immediately try again. She floated on her tummy with her chin above the water the other day.


Rachel said...

Playing outside is always my way to wear my girls out too! I can't believe how big Bella is getting!!

Sara said...

I know. She's getting so tall She's grown two inches since December!

Terry said...

Time for swim lessons, but I guess you won't have time before coming home to the States.