Sunday, March 6, 2011

the pools

It was a gorgeous day on Sunday and the girls were itching to get wet so we filled up the little pool on the balcony. In the end, I took them to the real pool in the afternoon anyway. Both girls are wearing arm floats in the swimming pool but Arabella hasn't figured out that she needs to keep her head out of the water and her mouth shut. Every 5 minutes she's asking to go "pee pee" from all the water she swallows. She also jumps and propels herself in the water as if she thinks she's an Olympic swimmer already. She gets irritated I'm holding her and yet when I let go her little nose and mouth suck in another liter of pool water. Her fearlessness can be a bit unnerving around the water. On a number of occasions she's almost taken a step over the edge before I'm in the water to catch her. It should be a fun summer in the pool.

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