Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break

All the baby left in Arabella is quickly shedding away and a little girl has been uncovered (as I post a picture with her "nana" in her mouth). She's swimming and jumping and playing right along Addie and her friends who come to play during spring break this week.

We spent four hours at the swimming pool yesterday which is the perfect Monday to start off a week break from school. The best part about Spring Break is the absence of driving back and forth from our apartment to Seafront. I don't miss sitting in traffic for an hour for pick up

I love having Addie at home all day and so does Bella. Bella walks around saying "Addie, where are you?" if she is not in her immediate line of sight. Addie's a really great big sister and I'm always impressed when she includes her sister while playing with her friends from school. I'm certain she hasn't even considered excluding her little sister. For that I am very grateful.

Four more days of spring break and from the looks of the sunshine we will be at the pool this afternoon again!

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