Friday, March 26, 2010

good girl

Bella was a proud little fairy nymph yesterday, standing with her wings on. She's at the stage that she just wants to walk everywhere she goes and gets irritated that she still can't quite do it. She always wants a pair of hands to hold onto for balance walking. When she's fed, well rested, and content she will explore around the house on her own. I watch her crawl and cruise from toy to toy, going to the windows, the fish tank, her bedroom sometimes. I let her cruise around without following her everywhere. She likes the freedom but I have to be careful because she finds the tiniest bits of stickers leftover from her sister to put in her mouth.

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Terry said...

Sara, What a great onsie. You should send it to the Annie Wear Web site, and they'll put it on they're website. Don't forget to mention Woofs & Whiskers.