Wednesday, March 24, 2010

gets the job done

We had a throw-down battle with Adelaide yesterday morning over eating her breakfast before school. Both Justin and I were pretty disappointed with the situation. She was whining and crying and spitting out her oatmeal letting it roll down her chin on to her dress. Even acting like she couldn't use the darn spoon. Ugh! It was pretty ugly. I sent her off to school with a healthy snack and she was fine. At lunch she came home and ate a bowl of squash soup so I can't complain too much. I decided to pull out my two favorite cookbooks for kids; Deceptively Delicious and the original food hider The Sneaky Chef (I heard their was a law suit on the former by the later for stealing her idea-Mama chef girl fight!). Anyway, Addie's favorite are the breakfast ice cream dishes (go figure). It's perfectly healthy and their was no drama over eating it this morning. This breakfast ice cream is blended avocado, yogurt, cocoa powder, and honey. I added some chocolate sprinkles on top for additional aswesomeness. It went over well. Last night during a seriously boring installment of this season's American Idol, Justin and I pondered the question of how to teach our young daughter the value of listening to your body and eating when hungry and until you are full instead of just forcing her to eat what is in front of her or during the allotted "mealtime" (well, I pondered this aloud as he played his iTouch and nodded and uh hummed a lot). I think we are just going to chill out during mealtime and not force extra bites down her with our own utensils. If she's hungry she'll eat it and if she finds herself hungry after mealtime it might be a good lesson to eat with the family. Luckily eating healthy isn't a problem with our girls. Addie, when ready to eat prefers a pile of white fish and rice over chicken and potatoes (Asian eater!). The trick is to catch her when she's ready to eat and not be distracted by other things.
Bella got a taste of the "ice cream" and wanted more. Stink face!!!

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Rachel said...

Perhaps you guys should refer to the movie "A Christmas Story." Just ask Addie "how do little piggies eat?" You'll have no problem getting her to eat that way!