Sunday, January 25, 2009

stickers and shoes

Right now a few of Adelaide's obsessions are stickers and shoes. Kiki bought Addie a book of Dora the Explorer stickers and they covered most surfaces in Kiki's house. Now that we are home they are all over our house (and Lucy too)! She's loving putting on our shoes and clodding around the house with them. Aunt Emily bought Addie a cute pair of fancy dress-up shoes for Christmas which have become apart of our daily play-time. Every time she puts them on she click-clacks around the house saying "pretty, pretty".


Melinda Renee said...

My cousin is a bit older, and she LOVES to wear our shoes. Andy's girlfriend always has amazing heels, and little Lina tries so hard to walk in them! And then she gets a hold of my rain boots that go right up to her hips and she just falls over in a pile of giggles. *grin*

Aren't the little ones precious?!

The Gunning Family said...

Every girl should have a shoe obsession - I believe Addie is developmentally appropriate in her love of shoes! Love, Aunt Donna!