Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween loot

Once again my parents sent a wonderful care package for Halloween complete with a pumpkin full of delicious candy from the U.S. and Halloween goodies for Addie. The first thing I did was stick my nose in the pumpkin and sniff that wonderful Halloween candy smell; the mixture of chocolate, sweet tarts, bubble gum, and tootsie rolls all mingling. It took me back to my loot after a good night of trick-or-treating as a child. I never knew how much I missed that. We've decided being away from home makes us appreciate all those things that we took for granted at home. Including a cheap bag of bite-size Snickers. Justin and I sat the pumpkin down in front of us that evening and ate piece after glorious piece. The pile of wrappers we threw away was embarrassing but worth it. I'm saving the Dum-Dums for Addie...maybe!

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