Monday, October 20, 2008

Daddy time

I'm so lucky that I get to spend so much quality time with my daughter every day. I'm even luckier that my husband gladly takes over play-time on the weekends. It's a good thing too because usually by Friday night I'm ready for a little break. Justin gets up early with Addie in the mornings and plays with her during the day. We usually do family things together but sometimes, like Saturday, they have some special Daddy-daughter time. Justin took Addie to the book store which keeps both parties happy. Addie brings home new books and so does her Dad. Books are the one thing Justin will always give the green light to purchase for Addie. They had a great time together and it gives me a few moments to myself. Here are some pics of them together this weekend.

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Rachel said...

That top picture is absolutely priceless! Addie definitely loves her daddy! Of course she doesn't look too happy in the VT hat...I guess she was upset because they lost!