Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ark of Avilon

Addie and I, along with our friends Jenny and her two boys, Lincoln and Isaac, experienced the Ark of Avilon on Tuesday afternoon. It's a little indoor zoo that gave the kids an opportunity to see some animals and walk around with Jenny the orangutang (coincidence on the same name for the orangutang as my girlfriend). Jenny (the mom) and I had to comiserate about how sad some of the animals looked. It wasn't quite the National Zoo! Addie loved it and wasn't afraid of anything. She was so excited when the puma walked up to the glass to greet her. The fish caught her attention as well as the deer and ducks. There was a little section of farm animals that gave Addie a first hand lesson at animal sounds. The sheep herd and I had a call and answer. I'd say "baa" and they'd answer. Addie thought it was hilarious. She was also excited about the cow, the bunnies, and chickens. When Jenny the orangutang came out to visit with everyone I'll admit that I was a bit nervous. She shook mine and Addie's hands. Addie would have walked right up and sat down next to Jenny if I wouldn't have held her back. She's fearless. Although the picture of her with Sophie (Jenny's helper) showed a bit of hesitation.

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